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The great thing about new weekly content packs for Rocksmith 2014 Edition and Rocksmith Remastered is that at any point in time there is always a new tune or five available for mastering. In fact, the range of musical melodies that are present in the Rocksmith library is huge, and with the latest 2000s Mix Song Pack addition being headlined by the awesome Angels & Airwaves, the variety has increased once more.

The Rocksmith 2000s Mix Song Pack VI is the bringer of that variety, delivering no less than three new tunes straight out of the 2000’s for Rocksmith guitar players to learn, play and utterly master. Priced up at just £6.39, this latest pack of tunes come about via some brilliant bands, but in our eyes it is certainly headlined by the Tom DeLonge led, US supergroup, Angels & Airwaves, with the powers that be plucking their first single, The Adventure, straight from the band’s We Don’t Need To Whisper long-player and providing it to Rocksmith players to learn. That is however joined by two other tunes to create the full 2000s Song Mix Pack VI as follows…

  • “The Adventure” – Angels & Airwaves
  • “Shiver” – Coldplay
  • “Party Hard” – Andrew W.K.

Each of these stunning tracks are also available to be purchased and downloaded individually too, so if you are one of the minority who haven’t been taken in by what Angels & Airwaves have been able to create, instead preferring a bit of global appeal from Coldplay or the chance to Party Hard with Andrew W.K., then the opportunity is there for you to do so. A £2.39 price tag attached to each song makes them a more than appealing prospect.

If you wish to get involved in this latest Rocksmith content pack then heading to the Xbox Store should be the route Xbox One and Xbox 360 players take, whilst those strumming away on the other side of the gaming format war – PS3 or PS4 – should take a little trip to the PlayStation Store.

It doesn’t matter whether you are rocking out on the original Rocksmith 2014 Edition or the slightly newer Rocksmith Remastered either. This content is available for each game.

So, will you be attempting to nail The Adventure or the other tracks included in the Rocksmith 2000s Mix Song Pack VI? The comments section is down below so let us know what you think of this latest addition.

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