broken mind

An action survival horror in which we get the opportunity to join the life of a detective with a dark past? Sign us right up for Broken Mind. 

Available to purchase and download today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, Broken Mind is from the 2BAD Games team – a team that consists of just the one guy. 

Sold as the biggest project to yet come from the mind of 2BAD Games, Broken Mind  will see you playing through the life of one Frank Morgan, an agent who just so happens to come with a dark – very dark – past. It’s Frank who jumps back into action when a young girl gets kidnapped during a livestream, but the investigation which plays out from there is anything but simple. 

Working through this action survival horror experience, in Broken Mind you’ll be tasked with fighting, investigating and ultimately solving, navigating the land and puzzles which are put in front of you. Find out what happened to the girl and your job will be done. Fail, and well…

A unique artstyle awaits players of Broken Mind, as does a story which is told from several angles. We won’t go in to depth here for fear of spoilers – and our full review of Broken Mind on Xbox is spoiler free too – but let it be known that this is one that could well have many twists. 

The key game features that you should be onboard with include:

  • – A narrative game with gameplay that mixes investigations, puzzles and combat!
  • – Follow the story from different angles, playing several characters with unique skills.
  • – 7 actors and 1 music composer for a more powerful atmosphere.
  • – An oppressive atmosphere, with a graphic style mixing 3D and hand made drawings
  • – The biggest project of the studio !

The Xbox Store will provide an Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S download of Broken Mind for the rather neat sum of £8.39. The game is present and correct on PlayStation and Switch today too; expect to pay roughly the same amount on those formats. 

Let us know what you think of this one once you’ve had a play. 

Game Description:

In BROKEN MIND, you play Agent Frank Morgan, a detective with a dark past. You will have to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl who was abducted during a live Internet broadcast. The investigation is accelerated when Laura’s phone emits a signal a few miles away in the middle of the forest! BROKEN MIND is an action Survival Horror. Fight, investigate, solve the puzzles and find out what happened to Laura Campbell. If she is still alive you must act quickly!

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