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Take in The Entertainment War as SuperEpic launches on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC


A raccoon and llama went on a quest. There’s no punchline. That’s just what happens in SuperEpic: The Entertainment War.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, SuperEpic: The Entertainment War is the latest metroidvania styled affair to hit console gamers square in the face, just this one goes about things just a little differently.

Sent off on a quest to save the videogames world as we know it, SuperEpic will see you taking charge of a rebellious raccoon who with his trusty llama steed must head off in the search of challenge, secrets, enemies, and corporate pigs. Taking place as a metroidvania affair, SuperEpic promises much in the way of humour and satire, all wrapping things up delightfully in the form of an action-adventure game that will deliver a gorgeous artstyle, RPG elements, and enough replayability to keep everyone happy.

Features include:

  • Classic story-driven mode with handcrafted levels, and a replayable rogue-like mode
  • Gorgeous 16/32 bit era cartoon sprites
  • RPG like weapon and armour upgrading system, with tonnes of items to collect and discover
  • Earn money based on your combat performance

Reckln this metroidvania-themed animal tale is for you? Head on over to the Xbox Store right now and grab SuperEpic: The Entertainment War on Xbox One for £14.99. You’ll also find it on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Game Description:

Join a racoon and a llama in their quest to save videogames as we know them! SuperEpic is a Metroidvania style action-adventure game filled with humour and satire. The gameplay is nonlinear and fast-paced, with exploration and combo-based combat the weapon of choice against the evil Regnantcorp! In a not-too-distant future dystopia​, a single videogame development company, ​Regnantcorp, controls an Orwellian society by enslaving the population with their addictive free game​s. As a rebellious racoon, along with your llama steed, you’ll explore a surreal castle-like office full of enemies, challenges, secrets and corporate pigs. Break into their headquarters, uncover the conspiracy and save videogames!

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