The tales of Eventide return for a sequel, allowing you to discover the magic of Slavic fables and mystical creatures in a point and click adventure once more. Are you going to peer into the Sorcerer’s Mirror?

Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror presents a new chapter for the protagonist of the first game, Mary, an adventurous botanist. Mary must do everything she can to rescue a girl who’s kidnapped by an immortal wizard, Tvardovsky. Prepare to venture into an ancient forest, where you’re sure to come across the likes of imps, phantoms, and other creatures from Slavic mythology. Making alliances with a 17th century outlaw is just one of the things you must do to overcome the sorcerer and solve the mystery of the enchanted village. Expect to solve a number of riddles and search for key items in the hand-drawn scenes if you’re to stop the sorcerer.

If you want to make Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror magically appear on your Xbox One, just part ways with £7.99 – currently discounted to £7.19 – on your next visit to the Xbox Games Store. Alternatively, the Eventide Bundle is available and brings with it both titles, for a cost of just £11.99. Will you be adding this latest Artifex Mundi point and click game to your library? Be sure to let us know!

Game Description:

Embark on a mystical adventure in a forgotten mountain village ruled by an immortal sorcerer. Can you unravel his secret? Explore an enchanted world full of imps, apparitions, magical animals, and other mysterious creatures taken directly from Eastern European folk and fairy tales. The decisions you make will influence the fate of characters and the end of the game.


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