turbo golf racing season 2 aztec run

It may still be sitting in Game Preview, but Turbo Golf Racing is tremendous fun. And now, with the arrival of Season 2 content, drivers get the chance to take on the Aztec Run. 

Having first arrived on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, powered by Game Pass and making the most of the developmental opportunities associated with Game Preview, Turbo Golf Racing steps up another gear as it moves away from the initial opening Season 1 stage to blast forth into Season 2. And with it comes a ton of new content. 

Season 2 – Aztec Run kicks off come November 17th 2022, and that title alone gives a decent little hint at what is on offer. But whilst the cosmetic side of things will be fully entwined in the Aztec world, the move into Season 2 certainly feels like more than just a skin switch. 

You’re getting Ranked Leaderboards in Season 2 for starters, alongside a revamped tutorial system that adds in tips focusing on the glide and magnet features. There are improvements to the out-of-bounds system too, visually indicated should you stray too far from the fairway, whilst the Boost pickup will find itself permanently added. 

But then there’s the other stuff away from the core mechanics and in Season 2 – Aztec Run players of Turbo Golf Racing on Xbox and PC will be treated to no less than ten new levels, each Aztec themed and running with waterfalls, fountains and geysers. The idea is to use them to our advantage, but judging by our efforts at shooting low in Turbo Golf Racing, we’d suspect things will fast go awry. 

Do well though and nail what is needed of a Turbo Golf Racing contender and you’ll also be treated to the forty new Season Rewards, with more cars, boosters, decals and more present. Throw in new shop items and well, you’ll probably want to check out Season 2 – Aztec Run of Turbo Golf Racing sooner rather than later. 

Included alongside some more general fixes, tweaks and improvements will be all of the following…

  • Ranked Leaderboards
  • 10 new Aztec-themed levels with added waterfalls, fountains, and geysers to use to your advantage
  • 40 Season rewards including new cars, boosters, decals, finishes and avatars
  • Lots of new shop items
  • A new tutorial that offers glide and magnet core training
  • Improvements to the Out-Of-Bounds (OOB) system with visual indicators as the player or their ball approaches it
  • Boost pick-up added permanently

If you are unaware of Turbo Golf Racing, then in most basic terms it’s a golf-version of Rocket League. We’re pretty sure that the team at Hugecalf Studios will hate us for saying that, but it’s about as close to that RC-controller soccer behemoth as you are likely to get. Just with golf rules attached. 

It’s damn good though and even in the early Game Preview stages, we’ve had a ton of fun with it. It’s free to download too (or available via a £14.99 cash purchase), via the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, with Game Pass subscribers happily getting in on the action. 

Should you not yet have downloaded Turbo Golf Racing then we’d urge you to check it out as Season 2 – Aztec Run rolls out on Thursday 17th November. We’ll certainly be hitting the Aztec-themed links. Will you?

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