neon abyss alter ego pack

Ever since Team17 and Veewo Games came together to push out the brilliantly frantic roguelike action-platformer of Neon Abyss, players have had the opportunity to run, gun and spin their way to glory through the Abyss, taking down all before them and ultimately defeating the New Gods. That premise doesn’t change with the addition of the new Alter Ego Pack, but you can be sure you’ll continue to have fun doing so thanks to what it brings. 

The Neon Abyss Alter Ego Pack is the latest small DLC drop for Neon Abyss as a whole, and whilst you won’t find this pack changing up too much in terms of actual gameplay or ideas, if you’re a fan of what Veewo Games created, and Team17 helped push to market, it’s surely worth a shot. 

The price helps and for just £2.89 from the Xbox Store you can find yourself adding the Alter Ego Pack into your base Neon Abyss experience. And should you do so, well, you’ll find a series of new Alter Egos for your main characters. This means you’ll be able to take on the New Gods in style, utilising the power and draw of eight new skins for your main squad. 

But it’s not just a visual makeover that is in place here and with the Alter Ego Pack you’ll discover that new accompanying skills are in place too, ready for you to learn and master. 

With such a low asking price for the DLC in place, and our full review of Neon Abyss on Xbox detailing just how good the base game is – we don’t give 4.5/5 scores for nothing you know – we urge you to give a little bit of consideration to a Alter Ego Pack purchase. It goes without saying you’ll need a copy of the base game to hand, whether that be on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 or Nintendo Switch. 

Let us know in the comments if you decide to pick this one up. 

DLC Description:

Experiment with the Alter Egos of your favorite characters in Neon Abyss with the Alter Ego DLC. 8 new skins for your characters with new accompanying skills to master.

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