If you’re looking for survival horror, then Agony is most definitely set to deliver.

Available right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, this first person survival horror experience is set in the most horrific place ever – the depths of hell. Priced at £31.99, you’ll find yourself heading off on a journey as a tormented soul who can remember nothing about your past life.

Only be heading on out into the harshest of environments will you be able to understand what is going on, as you interact with other souls and plan your escape from Hell and the mystical Red Goddess.

With a story mode delivering the immersive narrative to your eyes an ears, and then the additional Agony mode testing your abilities in even more extreme conditions, this is one game that really will push to the survival horror limits to the max.

If you wish to get involved then the Microsoft Store (or the Playstation Store should you be that way inclined) will happily provide you with a download. Make sure you hit it up.

Game Description:

Hell has no fury like a Red Goddess Scorned.. Agony is a first-person, survival horror set in the depths of hell. You will begin your journey as a tormented soul, remembering nothing from your past life. By exploring the hostile environment and interacting with other tormented souls, you will soon understand that the only one way to escape from Hell is through the mystical Red Goddess. The special ability to control people on your path, and even possess simple minded demons, gives you the necessary measures to survive in the extreme conditions. Game Features • Story Mode – Play through the immersive story to uncover your past and discover why you were sent to Hell. • Agony mode – Survive the extreme conditions you are put in, and test your ability with increased level of difficulty.


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