The World Cup is coming and Crossout players will soon be able to enjoy some football action for themselves, as the Wasteland’s first football championship kicks off.

Arriving in Crossout and running between the 8-21 June 2018, the Crossout Football Championship takes place in a massive stadium found in the middle of the Wasteland. And in it we’ll be finding teams of three facing off in glorious football matches – just with heavily armed vehicles being used to score the goals!

If you are a Crossout player and are interested in getting involved, then you’ll find yourself equipped with a custom car that has been kitted out with two special weapons – a Crossbow to kick or pass the ball, and a Harpoon to grab the ball and pull it.

As with any team sport, those who work together will find the most success and by utilising both of the weapons, you should find victory is yours.

With anything sport-related, there must be rules and that is no more true than with post-apocalyptic vehicular based football. But the only one to worry about is that anything goes and life is too short to worry about red cards, so if you wish to use your Harpoon to drag the enemy goalie away, you can do so. It’s all about winning you see – however you deem fit.

Victory will be awarded to the team that scores the most goals during the five minute long match, and similar to ye olde proper world football, a draw leads to overtime that is decided by whoever scores first.

If you find yourself bored of Rocket League, and wish to take part, you’ll find that exclusive decals and decorative items for your Crossout vehicles, either to keep as a trophy or to sell to other survivors on the marketplace, are up for grabs.

Check out the trailer below and then hit the Wastelands of Crossout in order to get your football fix. It promises to be a hell of a lot more fun than the real World Cup!

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