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Anyone can take a road trip, providing you can drive. But how about a road trip in a different country and more importantly, set in the past? That’s decidedly trickier, but Road to Guangdong is here to help make those dreams a reality. And it launches today on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Written by acclaimed author Yen Ooi, Road to Guangdong is a driving/car mechanic simulator/visual novel hybrid. You play as Sunny, who has received the terrible news of a death in the family and has inherited an aging restaurant as a result. Along with her Guu Ma, they decide to visit remaining family members dotted throughout mainland China to get their advice on how best to proceed with the restaurant.

Also left to Sunny is the family car; to say it is falling apart would be an understatement. But it is the only car they have, so Sunny and Guu Ma must perservere.

Road to Guangdong features the open roads of 90s China in a relaxing driving experience. Stop off at the various garages and scrap yards to keep your car in tip-top condition through repairs and maintenance. Then, arrive at your destinations and experience deep and meaningful familial connections. Just don’t take your eye off your bankroll; run out of money and the road trip takes a premature ending.

If this unusual hybrid of genres sounds up your road, check out our review here.

Road to Guangdong on the Xbox One is priced at £16.74 and available to download right now. With relaxing gameplay, chillout music and a calming aesthetic, this may be the perfect game to unwind on an evening with. If you need any more convincing, let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to reply to any questions you may have.

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Game description:

“Road to Guangdong will likely land within the top 10 games I’ve played in 2020” – 4/5 – HeyPoorPlayer “relentlessly charming” – 8/10 – Bonus Stage “wonderfully authentic” – TheSixthAxis Penned by acclaimed author Yen Ooi, Road to Guangdong is a beautiful story-focused zen driving experience. Drive your beloved family car through 90s China. Part interactive story, part zen driving experience; you play Sunny. In the wake of a family tragedy, you set out on a quest that will take you across 1990’s Guangdong. On a mission to revive their struggling family restaurant, Sunny and Guu Ma must visit long-lost relatives in search of secrets that will bring diners flooding back. But it won’t be easy. A treasured part of her family for longer than Sunny can remember, Sandy has carried her loved ones through many a crisis. But her beloved car is falling apart and she’ll need a helping hand to respond to this latest emergency. Only careful driving and regular checks under the bonnet will enable her to carry Sunny to the climax of her quest. • Explore the sights and sounds of Guangdong through vibrant animations and a memorable soundtrack. • Fall in love with a colourful cast of characters, each with unique personalities and rich backstories. • Maintain your car by keeping tabs on fuel consumption, tyre wear and engine condition.


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