They’re back! Yep, those guys from Artifex Mundi are here once more to deliver a new game to the Xbox One library – and yet again, Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones looks to be a bit of a cracker.

Available right now for purchase and download is Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones by Artifex Mundi. Priced at £11.99 – with a current launch discount bringing that price down to £9.59 – Davy Jones is the latest hidden object game to arrive on Xbox One.

Sealing the deal on the Artifex pirate trilogy, Nightmares 3 will see you spending time trying to save Cory, the daughter of Sarah Black, from the evil Davy Jones and his undead crew. With strange mysterious locations to discover, tons of puzzles to solve and a story that will unfold along the way, should previous Artifex Mundi games be any sign of what is to come with Nightmares 3, then this will be something you must check out.

If you haven’t previously played any of these hidden object games though, then the best course of action is for you to take a peek at the Nightmares from the Deep Collection. Priced at £28.79, it will allow you to enjoy the adventures of all three Nightmares games – with one great price attached.

Should you wish to get involved, then make your way to the Microsoft Store right now. The links below will help you out.

Game Description:

Play the final chapter of the fantastic pirate trilogy! Davy Jones and his undead crew appear once again to kidnap the museum custodian Sarah Black and force her daughter Cory to sign a dark pact. In order to save Cory, Sarah will travel through mysterious locations, solve plenty of puzzles, and learn the truth about the ghost of a beautiful young girl who roams Davy Jones’ island.

Bundle Description:

Delve into the extraordinary pirate trilogy! Step into the shoes of fearless Caribbean museum custodian Sarah Black and begin a series of the biggest adventures of your life! Save your daughter from the clutches of the undead Captain Remington, rescue the inhabitants of Kingsmouth from a terrible fishy curse, and find a way to break a dark pact, beating the Sea Devil himself at his own game.


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