Smoots World Cup Tennis Xbox One

If you’ve been looking for an easy-going arcade tennis game, then the arrival of Smoots World Cup Tennis on Xbox One may just pique your interest. It’s out right now, so are you ready to dominate the court and become the greatest Smoot ever?

Smoots World Cup Tennis is a multiplayer arcade tennis game, with local capabilities, featuring customisable characters known as Smoots; your Smoot’s style of play and appearance is down to you. In the story mode, there are the 66 tournaments to partake in on the World Circuit and defeating all challengers in your way is crucial in order to reach the top of SMOOT rankings and become the no.1 player. You can even improve your skills by having a go at the six, rather exciting, unlockable mini-games too.

Should you be ready to smash your way to the very top in Kaneda Games’ arcade-y Smoots World Cup Tennis on Xbox One, simply venture over to the Xbox Store and purchase it for £10.74. Alternatively, you could hold out for our review, which is coming in the near future, before serving up the necessary cash.

Failing that, should you be looking for another tennis experience, then it may well be worth you checking out our reviews of Tennis World Tour or AO International Tennis.

Whatever you decide to do, get in touch on social media or via the comments section below and let us know your thoughts.

Game Description:

Join the Smoots characters and play all the tournaments in the Smoots World Cup Tennis. Customize your appearance! Create your Smoot with your own style, and chose amongst lots of fashion complements and accessories. Prepare for a hard season Beat the 66 tournaments in the World Circuit to be the top 1 in the SMOOT ranking. Defeat all your opponents and be a reference! Improve your skills while playing. The opponents are tough and you must be prepared. During the season, you will be able to unlock different funny mini games, letting you improve your skills. Improve your skills by playing different mini games around the world. Play local multiplayer games with your friends, up to 4 players.

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