Puzzle, adventure, intrigue, murder. Take a trip to The Sexy Brutale casino mansion and unveil the secrets of both it, and its inhabitants.

It’s time to relive the events of the mysterious and murderous masked ball with a story that unfolds in real-time. You’ll need to answer every enigma and end the loop if you hope to save yourself, and indeed the guests of The Sexy Brutale casino mansion.

The Sexy Brutale is the latest 3D puzzle and adventure game to join the Xbox One, PS4 and PC ranks, bringing with it a unique top-down adventure, full of edge of the seat action. Do you have what it takes to solve the mysterious murders? Can you escape? These answers are in your hands now. Explore and piece together the mystery as you wander the halls of the great casino mansion on a quest to stop the horrible loop. With a unique soundtrack to top things off, maybe The Sexy Brutale could be this years murder mystery to watch.

Those interested in dabbling with the masked murder can jump in now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for the price of £15.99. If you’re not sure that you fancy taking a trip to the casino, then hold out and keep an eye on these pages for our full review. It’s coming very soon. 

Will you be next on the block? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

Game Description:

The Sexy Brutale is a 3D Puzzle & Adventure game, developed by Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works, a never-ending masked ball featuring intrigue, murder and the quite possibly occult. Players must unveil the secrets of The Sexy Brutale casino mansion and its inhabitants, as they relive the same mysterious and murderous masked ball. As the story unfolds in real-time, the player must find answers to every enigma and end the loop, to save all guests’ lives as well as his own.

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