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If there’s one thing Milestone Studios know a thing or two about, it’s motorbikes. And with the launch of MotoGP 21 from the Italian developers, gamers are being promised the most immersive, most realistic MotoGP experience yet. 

Yeah, yeah, we know what you’re thinking – that statement is dragged out pretty much every year with every annual iteration of numerous video games. But with the launch on MotoGP 21, that might just be the case. If anyone knows how to deliver a super realistic MotoGP experience, it would be Milestone. I mean, they’ve got enough bike racers under their belt to know what does, and doesn’t, work.

Available to purchase and download right now, MotoGP 21 comes to the starting grids of Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC (through both the Epic Games Store and Steam), to deliver the official 2021 MotoGP season to gamers across the globe. 

Taking what they have learnt from games previous, Milestone are ensuring that gamers will want to get involved here. There’s a new Managerial Career mode to enjoy, allowing you the chance to build the best team possible, hiring and firing staff and making sure that you’re still fast on the track. 

There’s also a host of new customisation opportunities, as you learn how to amend pretty much every single tool at your disposal to make not just the best looking bike, but the fastest too. With high levels of detail in place throughout – even more so on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 – if you want to go deep with a MotoGP experience, this is going to be the game for you. 

Throw in significant improvements to the AI system, the chance to become the Race Director and oversee others, and with all the official riders (120), and tracks (20) from the season ahead and you’ve pretty much got the lot. Oh, and MotoGP 21 will let you relive the history of the sport too, with more than 40 historic riders and bikes in place. 

As you would expect to hear, MotoGP 21 comes into its own with the power of the next generation consoles. Dynamic resolution up to 4K, 60FPS, enhanced graphic quality, shorter loading times and an increased number of online racers per race are just a few of the improvements you’ll find should you take the dedicated Xbox Series X|S or PS5 version of the game. 

And yes, that is where things become tricky as MotoGP 21 comes in two different flavours – the standard Xbox One/PS4 version that is playable on those console natively, and then through the power of Back-Compat on Xbox Series X|S, OR a totally separate Xbox Series X|S edition which will see the full power of those machines play out. 

Which you purchase is up to you – you’ll find the MotoGP 21 Xbox One version here for £49.99, whilst the Xbox Series X|S edition is right here at an asking price of £49.99 too. Those on PlayStation, PC or Switch will find the game on their own relevant stores. 

But there’s more, with the addition of DLC packs as well. In fact there are a couple of options to check out, with the Limited Edition Liveries bringing in five iconic riders and their bikes for £3.99 (John Hopkins, Laguna Seca 2005 – Valentino Rossi, Assen 2007 – Casey Stoner, Phillip Island 2009 – Jorge Lorenzo, 2009 – Dani Pedrosa, Aragon 2011), whilst the VIP Multiplier Pack will set you back the same price, with that doubling the reputation points and research data earnt in the Career mode. If you’re serious about what MotoGP brings, these are most certainly worth checking out. 

Our full review of MotoGP 21 on Xbox Series X|S will be with you in the days ahead. Keep an eye out for it if you are interested in how this next-gen motorcycle racers fares. 

Game Description:

Take your place on the starting grid and get ready for the most realistic and immersive MotoGP™ videogame ever. Live the most authentic 2-wheels racing experience with the new MotoGP™21!

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