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In the run up to Christmas (we can chat about Christmas now can’t we?), we thought it would be an idea to take a look at a few of the brands out there that are helping Xbox owners enjoy their lengthy gaming sessions just that little bit more…first up, KontrolFreek.

Now, as one of the world’s leading creators gaming accessories, you’ve probably already heard of KontrolFreek, but if you haven’t, then a little back story.

KontrolFreek serve a purpose; that of enhancing each and every gaming experience, giving gamers of all ages and all skill levels that extra little competitive edge. Developing products to help reduce fatigue and improve your overall comfort, KontrolFreek bring both Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers controller shields, grips and a whole ton of different thumbsticks. And when we say a whole ton, that is no word of a lie. For amongst others, the Black Ops III themes, Galaxy and Vortex sticks are among some of the best looking thumbsticks we have ever laid eyes on.

Black_Ops-XBoxOne_Package-2000x2000 4.58.46 PM

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, they’ve been developing thumbsticks for improved control and accurancy since 2009, helping evolve the gaming sessions for the casual gamer, the professionals and indeed some of the most well known YouTubers out there.

With a lovely range of gaming apparel including T-shirts, stickers and the somewhat unique ‘CleanFreek’ cleaning product all available to purchase, we’d hazard a guess that the team at KontrolFreek are covering near-on all bases.

Obviously KF have a strong following on all the usual social media sites, so if you aren’t already liking and following them, be sure to check out their Facebook page, Twitter feed, Google+ profile, Instagram page and YouTube videos. We’re sure you’ll find something of interest in among that little lot. Don’t forget their main site too!

Now though, TheXboxHub have been given the opportunity to take a look at some of KontrolFreek’s products, and we’ll have full reviews and video unboxings for a number of the latest thumbsticks and controller grips real soon.

Keep an eye out for them.


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