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Taking a look at the European Assault DLC for X-Morph Defense


I very much enjoyed X-Morph Defense when the base game arrived. I loved the addictive and relentless gameplay, and the use of mixing good old fashioned fly and gun gameplay, with some very detailed, but not overly complicated, tower defense skill systems. Most of all though, I loved being able to play as the invading aliens who were all out to take down the pesky humans with their inferior weapons and tactics. With them sending out hordes of army and airforce fighters, trying to kill the glorious invaders without success, it was all a bit good, if only because as the super race we had the chance to control all and live long and prosper.

But that was all in the past, and I’ll calm down now in order to tell you all about the new DLC – European Assault.

This downloadable content add-on is called European Assault and that title promises exactly what this part of the game is all about. Neatly packaged and cheaply priced, European Assault brings a good value package that takes you to Finland, Holland, and Paris for a little tour of destruction and, hopefully, nation domination. You get to take in some sights too, and each of the various areas is beautiful in its detail. It’s pretty as dusk falls in Finland, there are water features and windmills in Holland, and Paris has the open roads of a built-up city and that famous tower that has obviously been copied from the stunner in Blackpool.

The evil enemy found in European Assault – that of the human – has gained new weapons and upgrades that will provide a challenge for the alien motherland. They’ve brought new gear to the table too, and they now have the ability to freeze your defense towers; if nothing else this proves to be a right pain in the alien backside. The game narrative runs parallel to the main campaign, so newcomers can, if they wish, dive straight into the DLC if they feel the urge. I wouldn’t advise this though because this piece of content provides a bit of a challenge and is much more suited to the more seasoned X-Morphers out there. But hey, if you want a challenge and all that…

The same unique gameplay that X-Morph Defense brings is still the main heart and soul of this game with its frantic mix of strategy elements and quick-fire response times. This new package doesn’t add anything majorly new to the party, but offers a neat expansion for the fans of the series, with some great locations and simple extras. Your screen will light up with the chaos on show here and the action comes across as still as good as ever in European Assault.

If you’re a fan of the X-Morph world then this is a cheap bit of extra downloadable content that will ensure you get some fantastic extra maps to play, all whilst delivering new challenges and the extra pleasure of destroying those feeble humans.

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