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Hot on the heels of the arcade-y Techno Tanks, Xbox players gain access to another new tank-based experience. But this one is a little different to the normal shooty shooty bang bang stuff. Yep, in Tank Mechanic Simulator you’ll be fixing up machines from all manner of armies. 

Tank Mechanic Simulator is available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, allowing players across the board the chance to hone their mechanic skills by fixing, building and renovating the most detailed of tanks. 

Priced at £16.74, no matter whether the tank in question has German, USA or Soviet traits, it’s going to be your job to fix em up and get them looking sharp, utilising a variety of tools – paint guns, hammers, sand blasters, wrench pistols and more – to breathe new life back into the old decaying war machines. 

Tank Mechanic Simulator will give you all the tools you need to become a master mechanic, all as you learn how to take a tank apart and stick it back together again, cleaning it up, de-rusting it and painting it how you see fit. The reason? Well, it seems like there is decent cash to be earned from such a living, and the more you smarten these old tanks up, the more you’ll be able to sell them for. Failing that, you could just stick it in a museum and charge a pretty penny for folk to come visit. Your call. 

With 15 tank types included, with 2 of those of the armoured vehicle form and another coming as a self-propelled gun, more than 200 different parts on each tank to work with, and unlimited options in terms of the colours, if you’ve always wondering how on earth a tank is built, or just want to strip an old machine, Tank Mechanic Simulator will cover your needs. 

We’re expecting this to be a bit like Car Mechanic Simulator, just on a bigger scale – and with tanks. You’ll find the Xbox Store pulling the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S shots. Pay it a visit and grab your download now. 

Game Description:

Fix, build and renovate highly detailed and fully interactive tanks (German, USA or Soviet), armored cars or self-propelled guns. Experience a realistic simulator game of being a Tank Mechanic. Find abandoned and destroyed tanks from battlefields of Second World War. Use special tools to find each tank, and extract it from the ground. Grow your repair service business and start your own tank museum.

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