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Who would have thought that cooking and house removals would make killer party games? Team17 clearly did, as they made hits in the form of Overcooked! and Moving Out. Now their sights are set on what it’s like to take on an internship with Going Under.

Going Under has launched today on Xbox One, and also on Switch, PS4 and PC.

Being an intern has always meant being bottom of the pile, doing the jobs that no one else wants to do. That’s certainly the case at Fizzle, the lifestyle drink manufacturer where you will begin as an intern. But instead of filing, making group teas or cleaning out the toilets, you are sent into the dungeons beneath the office. The joblins, demons and undead cryptominers won’t evict themselves, you know!

Going Under is, beneath this bizarre surface, a dungeon crawler. You’ll be killing enemies for loot in the hope that you’re powerful enough to delve down far enough in the dungeon. But rather than swords and sorcery, there will be staplers and laptops. Clear out the dungeons and defeat the bosses, and you might do enough to impress your boss and get a paid job in marketing!

Highlights include:

  • [The Future is Wack] Failed businesses no longer just cease to exist–they sink beneath the earth, and their employees are cursed to wander the halls for eternity as monsters. It’s your duty to put these monsters out of their misery and repossess their assets–so that your boss can afford a new car, or something.
  • [Not All Heroes Get Paychecks] Battle through the remains of failed startups themed off of gig workers, dating sites, and cryptocurrency. Uncover the true motives of your employer, a carbonated drink startup known as Fizzle, and their parent company, a subscription box manufacturer with an army of helpful shipping drones. Make friends with your co-workers! Hire a freelance goblin! Date a slime! Invest in crypto! Set a rideshare on fire!
  • [Fight Flexibly] In the dungeons of Going Under, almost everything can be used as a weapon, from laptops to brooms to body pillows. Proper weapons can be found as well, but even they can break at a moment’s notice if you aren’t careful. Playing cautiously and picking the right weapon for the situation are musts if you intend on surviving your internship.
  • [Horrible Bosses] And you thought your boss was a monster. At the bottom of the dungeons lurk the founders of the cursed startups, getting rich off of investments while their employees fight amongst themselves. Defeat them and return to the surface with their enchanted relics to empower the company you work for.
  • [Get Paid in Experience] As you explore, you’ll encounter powerful Skills that change the way you play. Learn them at the Cafe and they’ll show up in future runs. Use a Skill often enough, and you’ll get it “endorsed” and available to start your expeditions with. Combine multiple Skills for crazy synergies, and you’ll be cleaning house in no time.
  • [A World of Characters] Complete Tasks for your co-workers to gain Clout with them and unlock their unique bonuses. Learn more about Neo-Cascadia, the origins of Fizzle, and how the drone shipping empire known as Cubicle came to dominate the city. Can you save your company and yourself from going under for good?
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Caelan Pollock, Co-Founder, Aggro Crab Games, said:
“We are so stoked that Going Under is launching today. With the help of Team17 we have created something that the team at Aggro Crab are beyond proud of. We hope players enjoy their first day at Fizzle, and that they don’t find the workload to be too killer”
Max Everingham, Head of Publishing, Team17, said:
“Going Under is a very exciting title for us, from the satirical gameplay, to the vibrant and eye-catching visuals, we hope players will enjoy their time in Jackie’s shoes – and while no two jobs are ever the same, we can promise that nobody has ever had a first day quite like this – Fizzle doesn’t seem to have a very good HR department…”

If you want to find out whether this bizarre mix of office politics and dungeon crawler works, head over to our review. The game certainly looks the business, as any Team17 games seem to nowadays.

Going Out is available for £15.99 on Xbox One today, and is also available on Switch, PS4 and PC. The future is wack – will you be getting involved? Let us know in the comments. 

Game Description:

Going Under is a satirical dungeon crawler about exploring the cursed ruins of failed tech startups. As an unpaid intern in the dystopian city of Neo-Cascadia, you’ll wield office junk as weaponry as you make your way through the offbeat procedural dungeons beneath your company campus.


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