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If you’re an indie developer then chances are you’ll want to see your game handled by the kings of indie publishing, Team17. With that in mind, Aggro Crab Games must feel like all their dreams have come true with the news that Team17 will be handling their upcoming dungeon crawler, Going Under.

Due to release on PC and console in 2020, Going Under is a fast-paced satirical dungeon crawler that is set in the ruins of some failing tech startups, as we follow the adventures of Jackie, an intern at carbonated drinks startup Fizzle. From there players will get the chance to venture into the dystopian and chaotic depths of the dungeons below the bright and bubbly campus building, utilising the junk found from fallen companies to battle a variety of monsters and epic bosses.

Caelan Pollock, Co-Founder, Aggro Crab Games, said:
“We’re thrilled to finally announce our partnership with Team17. Our first game out of college, Treadnauts, was heavily inspired by the Worms franchise, so to have signed with Team17’s games label for our sophomore title is a perfect fit. Going Under is an offbeat and chaotic dungeon crawler that’ll feel extremely relevant in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, and we’re looking forward to sharing more of the game in the months ahead.”

Debbie Bestwick MBE, Chief Executive Officer, Team17 Digital, said:
“The aim of Team17’s games label is to nurture the very best indie developers around the world and help them bring their games to market. Aggro Crab Games immediately caught our eye with Going Under, a satirical take on failed tech startups crossed with dungeon crawler gameplay. We’re excited to start eradicating destructive company cultures and redefining the meaning of boss fights next year!”

We will of course keep you totally up-to-date with how things proceed with Going Under in the build up to the launch in 2020. Just keep an eye on these pages. For now though the reveal trailer below will give a little insight into what to expect.


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