A debut teaser trailer for GreedFall has been released today, throwing a few hints our way as to what to expect from this upcoming role-playing game.

The world of GreedFall appears to be set in the 17th century, albeit one in which magic is present. You’ll be able to explore these fresh landscapes alongside mercenaries and other settlers, setting foot on a remote island seeping with magic and filled with secrets to find. This grand journey places you right in the middle of an on-going conflict between settlers and locals, so it’s rather handy that the earthly magic of the island presents protective supernatural beings and manifestations to help out.

Developers Spiders are aiming to put a strong focus on the RPG elements at GreedFall’s core; providing intricate worlds shrouded in mystery, a well-woven depth of character interaction and ultimately the freedom to successfully fulfil quests in many different ways. Combative methods are an option, but so are deception and the art of diplomacy. What’s most exciting is the island itself as every action will influence the inhabitants, even the seemingly trivial decisions you make along the way will affect the ever-evolving world.

GreedFall is expected to release, in collaboration with publisher Focus Home Interactive, in 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It should be one to keep an eye on, but for now have a watch of the teaser for yourself…

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