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No matter which platform you play games on, whether it is Xbox, PlayStation, PC or something else, the online gaming technology’s future is already here. A solid foundation has been laid, and now it’s all about the improvements we will witness in terms of connectivity and processing power which will define how things unfold in the times ahead.

All thanks to the tech advancements like machine learning, AI etc., online gaming has evolved to become a far more customised experience today. One look at the top-rated online casino games offered at a reputed platform like Spin online casino will give you a fair idea about what we are talking about here. Let’s tell you about two such important tech developments which will redefine the online gaming industry of tomorrow.

Intensified VR and AR development

Advancements made in the field of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to converge and provide a far more sophisticated gaming experience to the players. 

AI will constitute an integral part of the marketing segment, wherein machine learning will provide complete knowledge of the individual players, derived from their past gaming behaviour. This will open the window for a better customised gaming experience, for instance, based on whether they’d like to be a shooter, driver or something else.

AR and VR technologies on the other hand will further popularise online gaming, allowing humans to fully interact with gaming visuals and animated characters. The introduction of 5G tech will give players more capabilities and options, because of quicker and wider connectivity. Additionally, the VR experience will be much better owing to the 5G speed. Not to forget, lower latency will encourage more and more people to play mobile games.

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The biggest benefit of these nextgen technologies will be felt by people who have a relatively slower mobile and/or desktop connection right now. Once they experience the magic of the 5G technology, they would better appreciate the experiences offered by such VR and AR adventures.

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Blockchain tech and cryptocurrency payments

The advent of cryptocurrency payments at online platforms, backed by blockchain technology, has been the most understated developments of the recent times. The reason why blockchain is being perceived as having a clear place in the ecommerce’s future is because of the top-notch convenience and security it delivers to the consumer.

Gaming developers have found a clear winner in the micro-transaction model, wherein the players are charged incremental sums throughout the course of a game, to enable them with competitive advantages, while delivering billions in profit to one of the most popular video game in the world known as Fornite. 

Amongst the many reasons why it’s so commonly played world over is because of it being a multiplatform game which can not only be enjoyed on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC but also on a smart phone. Simply put, blockchain technology will disrupt the online gaming space in many different ways, both for the players are as well as the developers.