online gaming

Technology has a lot to answer for in numerous industries around the world today. The impact of technology has been hugely beneficial in many ways, and in many sectors, but none more so than the online gambling industry. Gaming as an industry has evolved over the years, but the biggest leap forward has been since the arrival of the online gambling era, with technology directly responsible.

So, you could say that the first bit of tech that influenced online gaming is what made it possible in the first place, the internet. It was over two decades ago when you could describe the internet as being in full swing, with 1998 being recognised as the year when the potential of online gambling was first investigated. Online casino, poker, bingo and sports betting sites began opening their virtual doors, with betting exchanges also following suit.

The internet made gaming a whole lot more convenient, and therefore its popularity began to rise almost immediately. As time went on and technology advanced, people expected more in terms of the gaming and gambling experience, and software developers began to deliver. Using Java, Flash and more recently HTML 5, the online gambling and gaming experience has consistently improved, with no sign of this forward trajectory slowing down.

There’s no denying that casino games, and slot games, have come a hell of a long way where visuals and gameplay are concerned. Nowadays, slot games are more akin to video games, with the lines between them becoming increasingly blurred. This is all thanks to the strides made forward in technology, which has allowed the world’s leading developers to consistently deliver content that pushes the boundaries. This is underlined by the hundreds of quality slot games available at the likes of Royal Vegas, an online casino brand with years of experience in the business.

The online gaming industry also shifted in a different direction more recently, with people now preferring to enjoy playing on portable devices rather than desktops. Mobile gaming has never been as popular and by and large this has come about again thanks to technology. The technology that goes into both smartphones and tablets has advanced dramatically over a short space of time, and this inevitably has seen more of us wishing to gamble and game online via these devices.

What has also made this possible is the rise of the app. Apps have become something that we all use daily, and like most other things, they have improved where quality is concerned over the years too. As an example, online casinos now have their own bespoke apps which allow their members to log on and enjoy a complete service, while the same applies to sports betting operators and betting exchanges too. Just another way that technology has changed online gaming and gambling, for the better.

With technology always improving, there will no doubt be further changes in the industry moving forward. It will be interesting to see what’s next from what is one of the most progressive and innovative industries around today, especially with virtual reality, augmented reality and 5G on the horizon.