TFTBL 105 FINAL 1920x1080

Telltale Games have today announced the release dates for the final episode of Tales from the Borderlands. They’ve also given us a little peek at the upcoming action and announced the first episode is now free for all.

Releasing on PC/Mac, PS4 and PS3 on Oct 20th, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on Oct 21st before arriving on iOS and Android come Oct 22nd 2015, ‘The Vault of the Traveler’ will no doubt round off Tales from the Borderlands nicely. After receiving some superb reviews throughout, it is surely one of the finest episodic adventures to date and something all gamers should aim to pick up.

Additionally, if you haven’t yet picked up Zero Sum, the first episode in the series, it is now completely free to download on all consoles and mobile devices.

Check out the trailer below and prepare for the season finale!

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