Farmer’s Dynasty Xbox One

I’ve spent a lot of time in the fields plowing and sowing crops in this generation of gaming. I’ve done my time with the bi-annual Farming Simulator games and driven my combine harvester the wrong way countless times. I’ve raised livestock with a pretty good 50 decent survival rate in Real Farm. In real life a sheep scares the hell out of me, so when new farming game Farmer’s Dynasty on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC launches, how am I going to fare when I put on my wellies and head back into the countryside?

Available to download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Farmer’s Dynasty hopes to do something very different in the farming simulation market by combining real life with running a farm. It’s almost sounding like The Sim’s meets Farming Simulator, where you build your farm along with building your heritage and family. 

For the price tag of £39.74 you can drive a range of real authentic farm machinery. You can raise livestock and develop the farm as you see fit, working out budgets and trading prices. There are several quests to complete working for local neighbours, where you might even find romance. There’s also a Deluxe Edition available on the Xbox Store for £44.99, which will allow you the chance to play this new farming experience with additional content, such as the Lindner Geotrac 90 tractor and the Amazone D9 6000 seed drill.

Make sure you drop into the comments section below and let us know if this new tale is one you’ll be checking out. 

Game Description:

THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF FARMING SIMULATION AND LIFE SIMULATION More than just an agricultural simulation: in Farmer’s Dynasty, you have to rebuild your farm and develop your heritage, start a family, handle your relationships and, of course, manage your crops to prosper. THE FARMER AND HIS MACHINES Dozens of authentic farming machines you can use to cultivate your fields and optimize your yields. CHOOSE THE CROPS AND LIVESTOCK Become an experienced farmer, expand your farm and invest in new fields so you can diversify and harvest even more. MAKE NEW FRIENDS Earn your neighbours’ gratitude by accomplishing quests. Maybe you’ll end up marrying one of them? The Deluxe Edition provides access to the following official content: – The Lindner Geotrac 90 tractor – The Amazone D9 6000 seed drill – The Krampe Big Body 900 tipper – The Fliegl DK 110-88 dumper.

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