It was originally due to release on May 22nd 2018, but then got pushed back by a week or so to June 1st. Now though, as the clock rolls over into that original date, we see Tennis World Tour magically arrive. Grab your rackets and head down to the court now!

Available to purchase right now from the Microsoft Store for Xbox One, and the PlayStation Store for PS4, Tennis World Tour promises to let you hop into the shoes of some of the biggest stars in world tennis, with the likes of Roger Federer and Angelique Kerber all present.

In fact, there are 30 names included in Tennis World Tour and with the inclusion of realistic animations to ensure every shot comes off right, 18 court types to affect the playing conditions and a complete Career Mode in which you’ll make your way up to world superstar, should you be a tennis fan then chances are it’ll deliver.

Available in both Standard Form (£44.99) for those casual players, and the Legends Edition (£66.24) that will entice in the hardcore players, there is seemingly an option for everyone. If you do wish to go down the latter route, then you’ll find that the Legends Edition contains a couple of ‘Legends’ – McEnroe and Agassi anyone? – a number of Skill Cards, a couple more rackets and outfits and, most excitedly, an online player badge.

If you would prefer to go with the Standard Edition, and then possibly purchase the Legend extras at a later date then that to is possible.

With a serious lack of tennis games available on current gen consoles, it’s great to see Tennis World Tour rock up and take the game to AO International Tennis. What is going on in regards the release date fiasco, then well, who knows, but the main thing is that the game is now here and ready to roll. Unless you’re a Switch or PC player in which case you’ll have to wait a bit longer (12th June is the rumour but who is really sure!?).

Will you be playing it, or have your stuck your colours firmly on AO International Tennis? Let us know all the usual thoughts in the comments section down below.

Game Description:

THE BIGGEST STARS IN TENNIS • Play as one of the 30 best tennis players in the world: Roger Federer, Angelique Kerber, Stan Wawrinka and many of the sport’s legends. PERFECTLY REPRODUCED MOVEMENT • Realistic animations, carefully reproduced in the game using motion capture technology, help you learn all of the shots used in modern tennis: the slice, lob, top spin, etc. EVERY PLAYING SURFACE • 18 types of courts: hard, clay, grass, carpet and even hardwood. Each surface affects the playing conditions. A COMPLETE CAREER MODE • Create your player and experience a career worthy of a professional: training, tournaments, staff management, equipment purchases, etc. AN UNEQUALLED TACTICAL DIMENSION • Decide what strategy to adopt for each match and use your skill cards to defeat your opponents.

Legends Description:

Choose the Legends Edition and receive the following bonuses: – Two legendary players: John McEnroe (1990) & Andre Agassi (1995) – 5 skill cards – An exclusive coach giving you an experience boost – Two Wilson Pro Staff rackets – Two complete official outfits – An online player badge

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