If you have been in and around the PC scene recently then you will have no doubt heard of TerraTech, the ultimate robot building sim that has built up a considerable player base. Now though TerraTech is making its way over to the consoles, today on Xbox One and soon on PS4.

In a nutshell, TerraTech will see you exploring a sandbox world, forming your own vehicular constructions from a wide array of building blocks. After scavenging the world and creating your vehicle using the simple creation system, you will then have to battle against other creations in the ongoing fight against corporations looking to capitalise on the resources of the world you find yourself on. From battles come more resources that can be used in upgrading your vehicles and forming new ones – it really is a case of constantly improving in order to stay on top of the competition.

If that all seems a bit too much for you, then I’m sure the Creative mode and time trial racing of the Gauntlet mode will be more calming affairs, with your imagination running free, especially in the former. Furthermore, you can take your creations to the multiplayer scene in PvP.

With improvements in the UI and control system, the newest version of TerraTech looks to be the most up to date – and with over 400,000 PC players the game has already proven itself as an addictive and ambitious title. You can now purchase it on Xbox One for £19.99 or pick it up on PC, and also make sure to look out for the upcoming PS4 release.

If you do like what you are seeing, then a fee DLC addition is also available to purchase. The Hawkeye Camo Pack is an Xbox exclusive addition, bringing with it all manner of Hawkeye themed fun. For free, you may as well snap this up too.

Game Description:

Single player modes: • Fight enemies, complete missions & work your way up the ranks in Campaign. • Explore and build with or without the threat of enemies in Creative. • Build the fastest Tech you can and beat your previous race times in Gauntlet. PvP Multiplayer: Jump into a 16-player PvP battle to win the most fights within the time limit, or team up in a classic red vs. blue match. Choose from the four pre-made Corporation Techs and its additional starting blocks, grab and build as you fight, earn kill streak rewards, and protect your cab at all costs. Corporations: The Galactic Survey Organisation, or GSO, is the all-rounder starting Corporation, but it would be a mistake to underestimate them. GeoCorp produces solid, durable and downright enormous Techs that handle tasks that no other Corporation can stand up to, from mass harvesting to heavy lifting. You’ll be zooming past everyone on ground and in air with Venture, but you better stay protected. Hawkeye is the militarised combat-focused Corporation, designed to make armoured tanks and target-seeking aircraft.

DLC Description:

This is an Xbox exclusive add-on. This pack contains the Hawkeye Green Camo Multiplayer Loadout Skin set. This skin pack includes: Reskinned and new models: • Hawkeye Rhino Shotgun • Hawkeye Thor Laser Cannon Reskinned: • Hawkeye Hunter Cab • Hawkeye One Block • Hawkeye Straight Bike Wheel • Hawkeye Corner Bracket • Hawkeye Medium Armour Plate • Hawkeye Burst Gun • Hawkeye Railgun • Hawkeye Machine Gun • Hawkeye Axis Shotgun • Hawkeye Auto Cannon • Hawkeye DFA Mortar This pack is only available in multiplayer and can be used as an alternate skin to the base Hawkeye corporation skin. (All items are cosmetic and do not affect gameplay.)


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