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There’s a new couch co-op party game on the block, looking like a mixture of Hole in the Wall and an obscure Japanese TV game show. So if that’s piqued your interest, Tetsumo Party may just be the one to bring the fun to your next gathering.

Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, Tetsumo Party is a local co-op party game for up to 8 players – except for PlayStation 4, which only allows 4 players. It’s a game that’s easy to grasp, but difficult to master as you control each limb of the sumo wrestler independently while trying to fit into the weird shapes cut into a bamboo wall. You have only a few seconds to stand on your left leg, raise your right hand etc. All the while your attention will be distracted by NPCs and grabbing power-ups, such as waiters bringing you food and drinks.

You can fight against the CPU by yourself or play with 2-8 players in a crazy co-op battle, unlocking new characters and venues along the way. In time, you will become the ultimate Tetsumo Party expert and that’s all that matters… because life is all about fitting into a damn bamboo wall, isn’t it?

To begin the quest to become the most agile Yokozuna on the planet, you’ll need to purchase Tetsumo Party from the Xbox Store – or your digital store of choice – for a mere cost of £4.19. Another option is to grab it as part of a new bundle, The Monster Couch Party Pack, which also includes Die for Valhalla, and that’s priced at £12.49.

So limber up and get ready for some frantic party action!

Game Description:

Riddle me this: what sumo, walls and dancing have in common? The answer is: all of these elements formed Tetsumo Party! Tetsumo Party is a game where sumo warriors gather to join an unconventional contest, inspired by Japanese TV shows. They need to fit into the funny-shaped holes in an approaching bamboo wall, otherwise… well, let’s say that it will result in rather ridiculous manner. But what’s better than winning alone? Fighting your friends, of course! In Tetsumo Party you can gather up to 4 people in a hilarious face-off confrontation. What is the challenge? You need to control every limb separately. And remember – incoming bamboo walls aren’t that forgiving. – Little distractions will happen, such as a waiter bringing you food and refreshments. You can stretch out your hand for them, but watch out for the incoming wall! – The game features single player as well as cooperative and versus local multiplayer modes. – New characters to unlock!

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