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Ready to embark on a new career? One full of opportunity, full of excitement, full of chaos? Moving Out is here and it’s time for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC players to get involved in the furniture relocation business. And better still is the fact that it’s available on Xbox Game Pass too.

Coming from Team17 and SMG Studios, Moving Out is the latest ridiculous premise to come to console and PC, pushing on from the ideas found in the Overcooked kitchens to see us becoming part of the best removals company the world has ever seen. Your task is simple – help your customers move house as safely, and with as little breakages as possible. What could possibly go wrong?

Priced up at £19.99 or free to those with Game Pass, Moving Out on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC is a rather zany affair, thrusting you into the life of a removals crew as they attempt to clear out homes, load up lorries, and ensure that as a certified Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician, your name gets out there.

Working for a solo player but really shining as local cooperative opportunities come to the fore, Moving Out will have you becoming a moving master in no time. And if it doesn’t, it’s sure to end some friendships instead. With fast frantic, madcap gameplay, it’ll be up to you and your friends to grab as many items as possible from your clients homes, before delicately, safely, transporting them to the removals van. Of course, with strangely shaped houses full of weird items, some of which won’t fit through a door, delicate and safe fast go out the window. Quite literally.

Features include:

  • Co-op! Enjoy the story mode solo as an independent contractor or team up with some friends. Up to four players can cozy up on the couch to argue over the best way to move a couch. Test your skills AND your friendship!
  • Physics! Are pesky doors and windows standing in your furniture’s way? Just blast through them with physics! Lift, toss and smash your way to the fastest times!
  • Action! Learn the ropes in a series of increasingly precarious and fantastical moving jobs. How a bed gets from point A to point B is never a straight line, so throw out the training manual and get creative!
  • Adventure! Every moving company starts small, but as your reputation ranks up, so do your destinations. Move through sleepy suburbs, frenzied farms, haunted houses, virtual reality and lands beyond!
  • Characters! Recruit a unique cast of colorful characters, each packed with a passion for manual labor!
  • Assist Mode! Are you a rookie? No problem! Adjust the game’s difficulty so anyone can play!

If you are a fan of what the indie publishing kings of Team17 have previously delivered to the gaming landscape – things like Yoku’s Island Express and Overcooked – for instance, then you should certainly like what is being delivered here with Moving Out.

Our full review of Moving Out on Xbox One will sort you out with further details. Give it a read and then head on over to your favoured digital store and grab a download. You’ll also find the ‘Employees of the Month’ DLC pack present over there too. Costing you £2.39 this provides access to four new members of the removal team – Professor Inkle who comes with eight arms instead of two; the cute and cuddly Bruce; Sprinkles who is a great all-rounder and smells delicious and Dials, happily providing customers a great reception, as log as you don’t push their buttons!

Game Description:

Moving Out is a ridiculous physics-based moving simulator that brings new meaning to “couch co-op”! Are you ready for an exciting career in furniture? As a newly certified Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician, you’ll take on moving jobs all across the town of Packmore. Smooth Moves may not be the biggest moving company, but there’s no task too dangerous or strange for this busy team of go-getters. Grow your business to brave new heights, recruit colorful customizable characters, and save your town from furniture peril!

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