swords and bones

It’s hard to move for the retro love that is thrust out onto the gaming scene on a near weekly basis, but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever get bored of being whisked back in time. The latest to try and jog our most loving of memories is Swords & Bones – a 16-bit love affair that has released on Xbox. 

Having recently dropped onto Nintendo Switch, it’s now the turn of Xbox players to get all misty eyed with some old school Castlevania and Ghost ‘n Goblins vibes in RedDeerGames, and the developers SEEP’s, Swords & Bones. 

Rocking up with a £4.19 price tag in place, Swords & Bones arrives on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S to deliver us players a world that has been invaded by a whole ton of demons. An event which only occurs every 500 years (and yep, we just so happen to be placed right in the middle of it), our task is to save the land from all evil. Simple, eh!?

Sword & Bones has quite cleary been inspired by those games from yesteryear as the likes of Castlevania and Ghosts ‘n Goblins slowly seep through. Expect to find the usual foes getting in your way – monsters, monsters, monsters and the odd trap or two. Thankfully as progress is made, all manner of power-ups will become yours. We like power-ups!

If the promise of monster battering doesn’t appeal and the 16-bit styled visuals don’t drag you in, then you’ll be pleased to hear – literally – that some glorious chiptune audio sounds are front and centre too. Surely that’s a combination that you can’t ignore?

The key features include:

  • – Over 50 levels full of action
  • – 16-bit style visuals
  • – Power-ups to collect
  • – Cool bosses to defeat
  • – Atmospheric chiptune music
  • – Two endings to discover

We’ll be running review of Swords & Bones and how it plays on Xbox in the coming days, but for now you’ll find a download of the game present and correct over at the Xbox Store. With previous release on Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able to grab a copy from the Nintendo eShop too. 

Game Description:

The demon world invades humanity every 500 years. The Wolf Demon has been bullying the Kingdom of Vestus and it seems that there is no hope. But there’s one hero who can put an end to it – you – a nameless warrior with a sword in hand. What are you waiting for?

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