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If you’re a gamer of a certain age, chances are your Xbox One console will be in the living room open to abuse from all those around it, including the kids. So nearly one year on from its release, what are the best Xbox One games that the kids should be playing?

So in no particular order, if you’ve got kids under the age of 12 (ish), get the credit card out and start purchasing the following beauties. You’ll be loved forever.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds SW Screeny

First up is the Xbox One’s version of the mammoth selling Angry Birds series. Angry Birds Star Wars combines two of the worlds best loved products; Angry Birds and Star Wars and if you throw the two together, you’ve got something that all kids will love. Utilising the power of Kinect, Angry Birds Star Wars allows for normal controller action or gives the kids the power to use the force with both voice and motion controls present.

Activision and Rovio may have brought the birds to Xbox One at the very start of the next generation of gaming, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss it. You never know, you might even be able to pick it up in a bargain bin somewhere.

Our review of Angry Birds Star Wars should give you even further insight.

Zoo Tycoon

zoo tycoon feeding

Don’t all kids want to be a zookeeper? Of course they do and this is where Zoo Tycoon on Xbox One comes in nicely. Perhaps the very young kids out there will struggle with the idea of the campaign mode and would probably be fazed with the numerous challenge levels that are present in Zoo Tycoon but they’ll no doubt find the freeplay mode with unlimited funds a joy to play. Include the option to pull faces at monkeys, feed elephants fruit and give the animals a wash via the use of Kinect and your kids will find an experience that builds on the previously released Kinectimals.

Our full review of Zoo Tycoon is available for your reading pleasure. We also have a full walkthrough of all the hidden Zoo Tycoon hidden coins for those older kids among us.

The LEGO Movie Videogame


The LEGO Movie took the world by storm when it first released in cinemas earlier this year. You couldn’t move for LEGO Movie merchandise, and the video game is something your kids shouldn’t miss out on. Playing as Emmet Brickowski and indeed the other characters and Master Builders found in The LEGO Movie, you’ll have to help Emmet save his world from the deadly Kragle.

Whilst we could have added LEGO Marvel Super Heroes to this list, we’ve plumped for The LEGO Movie just because it is slightly more relevant to the kids of today. Feel free to swap out for the Marvel version if you so wish.

Everything is indeed AWESOME and you can read our review just here.

Skylanders Swap Force

skylands swap force pic 1

Whilst SWAP Force may soon be usurped by the newer Trap Team game, it also means that the current Skylanders title will be available a little cheaper than usual. Unfortunately, SWAP Force isn’t available as a digital download but if you can manage to hunt a copy down from your local high street store, then you and your kids will find a fairly comprehensive journey back into the Skylanders world. This time though we see 16 new characters, bringing new powers to the game and this in turn will give the children plenty of fun as they aim to create any of 250 customisable characters on offer.

So get the Portal of Power out and help save Skylands now!

Rayman Legends

rayman legends header

The Glade of Dreams is once again in trouble and Rayman needs a bit of help to save it AND the Teensies.

Perhaps a little tricky for the very youngest of gamers, it is however a perfect example of a game for those that have recently hit double figures in the age stakes. And with over 100 levels, it is also the perfect title to keep the kids happy for a decent length of time.

So, make your way over to the Xbox Games Store or search the Store tab on your Xbox One for any of the games above (except Skylanders which will require a family trip to the shops). The kids will be happy and you’ll possibly get a quiet half hour or so.

Do you agree with our five? Let us know in the comments below if you would replace one or two for something a little different.


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