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It seems strange, but there aren’t an awful lot of virtual jigsaw puzzles kicking around on Xbox. We’ve got the likes of Glass Masquerade, and there are a number of mini-games rolling around inside bigger experiences, but for the most part it’s an under utilised genre. That makes the release of Hidden Shapes: Animals + Lovely Cats all the more intriguing. 

Available today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Hidden Shapes: Animals + Lovely Cats is a two-pack combo of the most relaxing of jigsaw affairs. It has you twisting tiles in order to match up lines, creating the most delightful of images within. As gaming options go, it’s about as low on the skill chain as you’re likely to get – but it promises to be right up there with some of the most relaxing options on the table. 

As the title suggests, there are two types of puzzle to enjoy here, but honestly, they both fit along the same lines. The ‘Lovely Cats’ side of things will see you attempting to uncover pictures of cute cats, whilst the ‘Animals’ tag covers a more open scenario, with a more diverse selection of animals to uncover. 

Rather abstract in its layout and minimalist in design, we’ve got hopes that Hidden Shapes: Animals + Lovely Cats could well be one of those games that is ripe for picking out; a game that delivers in short quick hits for when the player is looking for something easy to handle. 

We’ll deliver a full review of how Hidden Shapes: Animals + Lovely Cats plays on Xbox in the days ahead, but for now you’ll find the download you require, letting you in on the puzzling delights, over at the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s gonna cost you just a mere £3.29.

Game Description:

Hidden Shapes: Lovely Cats + Animals is a collection with two beautiful and relaxing minimalist hand-drawn jigsaw puzzles that have two options to choose, cats or animals in general. Both games in this bundle have similar features and playthrough, in the Cats edition, the player will have the opportunity to play with elements of the classic jigsaw puzzle with the a lot of cute cat arts and in the Animal version, the player will have the same features, but with different levels and now with a diversity of animals in this theme. The context of this game is represented implicitly through level design, using abstract and minimalist elements.

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