train sim world Amtrak SW1000R Loco

Always dreamt of messing around with the Amtrak SW1000R Loco? Your dreams are about to become a reality as the latest Train Sim World content delivers that diesel workhorse.

Available to purchase and download into your Train Sim World game on Xbox One is the Amtrak SW100R Loco. Priced up at £11.99, with you requiring a previously purchase of the Rapid Transit pack in order to enjoy the new stuff, the Amtrak SW1000R whisks us back a few decades to when the locomotive industry was thriving.

The Train Sim World: Amtrak SW1000R brings Sunnyside switching and Keystone passenger services to life, allowing us to take a trip on the “Northeast Corridor New York” route, with the content not just featuring the rebuilt switcher itself, but also the ex-Metroliner cab control car.

TSW on Xbox One is well known for adding all manner of new engines and locos to its ranks, with the most recent being that of the BR Heavy Freight Pack Loco Add-On pack from a couple of weeks back. But if that pack wasn’t to your liking, or you just have a bit of a thing for the SW1000R, then today is your lucky day with this new content pack.

Obviously you’ll need the base Train Sim World game to hand on Xbox One, PS4 or PC, prior to being able to enjoy this add-on, but with that in place, and the wallet open, the Xbox Store will sort you out with the rest, whilst other format digital offerings will do the same. If this doesn’t float your boat, let us know in the comments what you wish to see added to the Train Sim World roster in the weeks and months ahead. You never know, Dovetail Games may well be listening.

DLC Description:

Please note: Rapid Transit (Included in Train Sim World) is required, as a separate purchase, in order to utilise the content featured in this add-on. Amtrak employs switchers at its terminal locations, and among the roster is the venerable “SW1000R.” Originally constructed in the 1950s as SW9s & SW1200s, ten members of the SW1000R roster were acquired by Amtrak & rebuilt by NRE. The SW1000R is a 1,000-horsepower diesel that is nimble & well-suited for switching, and now you have the chance to put the diesel to work at New York’s Sunnyside Yard! Built in the 1960s, the EMU Metroliners operated over the Northeast Corridor for two decades, then found new life as Amtrak converted 29 ex-Metroliners into cab control cars. The cab cars are regularly assigned to New York – Philadelphia – Harrisburg “Keystone” services on the NEC, making them an ideal addition to TSW Northeast Corridor New York!


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