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If you wish to combine your love of video games with all things farming, then you don’t need us to tell you to pick up a copy of 2021’s Farming Simulator 22. However, what you may not know is that as of today you can jump back into the game for some harvesting, Italian style!

Releasing today on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC and Stadia, Farming Simulator 22’s Antonio Carraro pack pays homage to the Italian tractor manufacturer of the same name and sends you off to work the picturesque vineyards and olive orchards one can find in the Mediterranean. Given the narrow spaces and tight gradients associated with the land, you’ll be happy to know that the pack introduces a number of versatile tractors such as the TTR 7760 Infinity and Supertigre 635.

The Antonio Carraro pack also has you harvesting the two new types of crop available in FM22 – grapes and olives – and as such provides the necessary specialist equipment. What excites us the most though, is the inclusion of a reversible driving seat in our tractor: now that is engineering all right!

Owners of Farming Simulator 22’s Year 1 Season Pass can get access to the Antonio Carraro pack free of charge. If you are looking to pick up a copy to add to the base game (which can be found for £41.74 via the Xbox Store), then that will set you back £8.39 on Xbox – find the Store listing here. Alternatively, the base game and DLC can be purchased on PS5, PS4, PC and Stadia.

Game Description:

Expand your flourishing business of beautiful vineyards and lush olive orchards with compact, but powerful and versatile tractors by historic Italian manufacturer Antonio Carraro. They allow you to operate extremely maneuverable in special conditions, where other tractors can’t handle the terrain with steep gradients and narrow spaces. Because working between grape vines and olives groves, two of the new crop types in Farming Simulator 22, requires you to operate special equipment, the Antonio Carraro Pack includes exactly what you need – a variety of tractors like the classic Supertigre 635, the versatile TTR 7600 Infinity or the articulated reversible quadtrack flagship, the MACH 4 R. The Italian company is a leading expert in creating solutions for farmers working in specialized agricultural fields. Extremely compact construction combined with tight turning circles and optimal visibility to all sides allow you to reach every single vine and grove of your orchard. Especially useful are the reversible driving seats, allowing you to change direction in an instant.

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