wreckfest backwoods bangers dlc

Wreckfest is a racer like no other, much happier in the knowledge that it is going to leave gamers smiling for its madcap ideas rather than its nailing of any apex. With multiple content packs already having arrived to bring even more uniqueness into the game than what was available at launch, once again we see another pack drop, with the Backwoods Bangers providing three new ‘unique’ motors.

Available to purchase and download right this very minute, the Backwoods Bangers DLC pack for Wreckfest will only set you back a few quid – £3.29 in fact – but should you decide to drop it into your game will find a variety of rather crazy cars in place.

Backwoods Bangers most definitely plays on its name and should you be looking to expand your game will discover a glorious 1930s Hot Rod delivering all-American muscle included. Alongside that is the Euro Coupe from a few decades back, perfect for the hottest, tightest derby, whilst the most unique of the three just has to be the Honey Pot. A mobile lav, you’ll want to hold on tight at all times – except for when this thing goes upside down. See, that’s when things get real messy.

Should you be enjoying what the base game of Wreckfest delivers but wish to see just a little extra added into the game, then the Backwoods Bangers DLC Pack is surely something for you. Get over to the usual digital stores – Xbox Store for us Xbox One folk – and grab a download right now.

DLC Description:

Expand the World of Wreckfest with 3 more unique vehicles! Outlaw: This Hot Rod from the 1930s combines american muscle with agility, so it’s a great allrounder! Hornet: This 1980s Euro Coupé stands well against the American muscle cars and is a formidable weapon of choice even for derbies! Honey Pot: Make sure to sit REALLY tight whenever this thing goes upside down! This DLC pack is also part of the Season Pass.


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