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Like what BadLand Publishing have delivered? The latest content pack to hit Xbox One brings together a host of their best games in one big bundle!

Available right now to purchase from the Xbox Store is the BadLand Publishing Collection, a collection which puts no less than 10 games together as one.

Priced up at a cool £74.99, the BadLand Publishing Collection may not appear to be something you can take an easy punt on, but it still sees a fairly hefty saving over purchasing each of the games individually. See, should you usually be going all out to take in a bit of a BadLand experience, and decide to go all in with this publisher’s back catalogue, then you’d normally be expected to pay nigh on £110 for the privilege. With that in mind, a £35 saving shouldn’t be sniffed at.

But what does the BadLand Publishing Collection bring? Well, there’s a bit of everything in fact, with puzzlers, grinders, platformers, shooters and full-on adventures all ready to be taken in, with the following games all included…

Should you wish to know more about each of the games that comes about via the BadLand Publishing Collection on Xbox One, then hitting the relevant links above will whisk you straight over to our reviews. Make sure you give them a little read prior to splashing the cash on this collection.

If you are tempted though, then the Xbox Store will be happy to provide the goods – just remember that wallet of yours may well take a bit of a battering in the process.

Let us know in the comments below whether you’ll be picking this hefty indie bundle up.

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BadLand Publishing Collection

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