monster energy supercross 2 the beast pack

Bored with the standard liveries available in Monster Energy Supercross 2? The Beast Pack is now here and it lets you build on the previous customisation options.

Available for Monster Energy Supercross 2 players on Xbox One and PS4 to enjoy is the Beast Pack, allowing for you to expand the options available on the customisation side of things.

Priced up at £3.59 (£3.29 on PS4), The Beast Pack follows on from the previously available Camo Pack to include no less than 10 sets of liveries and special suits that focus on the most dangerous animals in the world. And whilst we are fine with seeing the alligator included in that list, we’re not sure that rainbow unicorns have ever been spoken about in terms of ‘dangerous’.

But hey, let us not worry about the finer details and so if you wish to inject a bit more personalisation into Monster Energy Supercross 2 on Xbox One or PS4, then the Beast Pack delivers.

Of course, those who have previously gone all-in with the game, purchasing the Special Edition of the game, or the Season pass, will find this latest content included as part of those purchases.

You’ll need the base game of Monster Energy Supercross 2 on Xbox One or PS4 to hand in order to include these animal liveries in your game, but otherwise you are good to go – just visit the relevant store now! Let us know if you’ll be picking up this little DLC pack by posting in the comments below.

DLC Description:

Buy the Monster Energy Supercross 2 – The Beast Pack now and expand the customisation options for your bike and rider! It includes a set of 10 liveries and special suits dedicated to the most dangerous animals in the world – from ruthless alligators to rainbow unicorns!


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