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The beautiful game recreated – Football Cup 2022 launches on Xbox


In need of a new football experience? One that promises to recreate the beautiful game in all its glory? You need to get hold of a copy of Football Cup 2022. 

Arriving on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, with full Xbox Smart Delivery play in the house – this means it’s optimised for next-gen and you’ll have the finest version available no matter what your console of choice – Football Cup 2022 has been put together by the INLOGIC Games team, pushed out to market by JanduSoft. 

It’s priced at a mere £4.99 and that should really confirm what you need to know about this football title – a FIFA 22 or eFootball competitor it is not. 

Instead of going up against the giants of the video game football scene, Football Cup 2022 instead focuses on the basics. Basic visuals, basic audio, basic gameplay and more. From there it promises to let you work your way through a Season, have a stab at glory in the Tournament mode, or even complete multiple challenges in Career. There’s even a little Practice mode for those looking to enhance their futbol skills. 

Details of each:

  • – Season – Lead your team through the whole season to the soccer league glory.
  • – Tournament – Become the best soccer star in the world, conquer other futbol teams and make history.
  • – Practice – Improve your futbol skills.
  • – Career mode – Try to complete dozens of challenging levels including “”Floor is lava””, “”Wall of death”” and others. A fun way to improve your skills and prepare yourself for the football game.

A quick glance of the screenshots or videos will tell you all you need to know about Football Cup 2022 as it launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Don’t expect the world for the low price point. 

We’ll be sure to let you know how this one plays out (good or, as we may suspect, bad) with a full review in the not-to-distant future. If you wish to join us on the pitch, you’ll need to pick up the download you need from the Xbox Store

Edit: Our full review of Football Cup 2022 is live.

Let us know if you decide to join the team. 

Game Description:

Live and breathe the beautiful game recreated with unparalleled realism of futbol! Choose one of the favorites such as Argentina, Spain or Brazil, or help one of the outsiders achieve the first place. Train, develop yourself, come to the field, and be a soccer star! Once you try to play these soccer games 2022 and you won’t stop, it’s all because of the real football game feeling. You will find not only classic soccer game but also many other futbol modes.

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