New casino sites are popping up all around the internet nowadays. More than ever, sites are looking closer at gamification, a term that simply means making their slots more similar video games than ever. 

Certainly, gamified casino games are among the top options of the lot! Players are heading online in higher numbers than ever, so gamified titles really are in high demand.

In this article, we will take a peek at the best online slots games using gamification in 2021. The finest slot games and casino titles will be listed, so players of all kinds will find out more about the game they love!

Let’s get started by first seeing what exactly gamification means.

What is gamification?

In essence, the concept of gamification is very basic. Gamification refers to the idea of taking elements usually found in video games and putting them in other spaces. Like casino games!

This could be a slot game that takes common video game elements to boost the levels of entertainment, or even a poker game that includes interaction between characters to get you invested in the storyline. The possibilities are endless! From slots to poker to other gambling forms, gamification is making your favourite games even better! Play the best online slots at Fruity King today to find out what a truly top notch gamification experience looks like.

Let’s now take a peek at some of the best casino games that are using gamification in their experience.

Gamification in Slot Games

One of the world’s top slots is Fluffy Favourites, a beloved game with a unique theme, amazing bonuses and much more besides! 

Central to the success of Fluffy Favourites is the fact that this is one of the web’s most intensively gamified new casino slot games. How? Well just look at the use of the teddy picker toy box, an aspect of the game that displays the benefits of gamification at their finest! 

This form of gamification allows players to delve into a smaller ‘game within the game’. Think back to the last time you enjoyed a game on a top console and it is not hard to see that this is a trope consistently used by the likes of Ubisoftt and other top games creators in that space. By borrowing these ideas, slot games are becoming more fun than ever before thought possible!

Gamification in Video Poker

Video poker is one of the fastest developing parts of online casino games culture. As a result, it comes as no shock that it is taking to gamification like a fish to water. 

In fact, video poker games are perhaps the best positioned to take advantage of the rise of gamification. This is because their unique, high-tech set-up is much better at implementing gamified elements than more basic options.

In conclusion, it can be said that the best online slots games using gamification are enjoying huge popularity right now. Video poker is also learning from this success to blaze its own trail in the world of gamified casino titles. For players, things have never been so exciting!