The Xbox series of consoles is more than just a gaming console – it now has a full suite of entertainment options, with the Xbox often being used to stream movies and TV shows, surf the internet and even watch live TV if you want. This is just another example of how technology has advanced to the extent of allowing us to have so many entertainment options at the tip of our fingers. This is true of mobile phones as well, which are essentially tiny supercomputers nowadays, and one simple example of this is that you can play on Platincasino on mobile phone today with ease, something that would not have been possible just a decade or so ago. It is a similar story with the Xbox and other consoles, which have become full-fledged entertainment centers now as opposed to just allowing you to play your favourite games.

Thus, it is important to pick the best apps that can make your Xbox experience a top-notch one, and here we have the best apps to install on your Xbox console.


The Spotify app on Xbox lets you jam out to your favorite tracks on their own or in the background of your gaming session. Customize your listening experience remotely from your smartphone or via the Xbox One’s Guide menu. Whether you have a free, unlimited, or premium account, Spotify provides access to over 35 million songs and prearranged playlists based on your listening habits. And if you’re a fan of video game soundtracks, you can take advantage of Spotify’s dedicated game playlists, including hits from Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and others.


The Xbox One’s YouTube app offers streaming access to billions of videos. You can also check out some of the original content recently released on YouTube, like Squad Wars and Mind Field.  To access that original content, however, you’ll need a YouTube Premium subscription, which costs $12 per month. You can even use this app to upload your gameplay clips directly to YouTube.


The Amazon-owned Twitch offers an Xbox One app to extend the appeal of the console’s gaming features. From the Twitch app, you can watch the live-streaming platform’s millions of broadcasters, who stream everything from basic playthroughs to live talk shows. And if you’re so inclined, you can stream your own gaming antics through the service.


If you’re looking to be entertained, Netflix is a great app for the Xbox. It comes with all the Netflix Originals you want to see, including Ozark, Black Mirror and Orange Is the New Black, and the movie selection is better than it used to be, thanks in part to Netflix’s own films like Bird Box and Roma.


Skype’s built-in app is ideal if you want to communicate with friends over your television. Just download the app and make sure you have a webcam ready to plug in to your Xbox One. From there, you can place video calls. The app also lets you chat and call both Skype users and landlines.