The Xbox One is a very user-friendly console. The Xbox Game Pass gives you access to dozens of top games for a low price and Microsoft has made many titles from previous generations backwards compatible on the Xbox One. Luckily, there are also plenty of great new games on the console. Here are – in our humble opinion – the best titles!

The Rockstar success stories 

Time to get on your horse and explore the Wild West! This epic from Rockstar – best known for the Grand Theft Auto series – explores the final days of this simultaneously violent and adventurous period in American history. A vast, open game world lies at your feet. Rob banks with the Van der Linde gang, hunt dozens of different animals that are part of the virtual ecosystem – from impressive bison to dangerous crocodiles – or just take a bath in a picturesque hotel to wash all that dust off your body. Have you shot your way through the dozens of missions and the emotional story? Then the fun really begins, because with the included Red Dead Online, you’ll never run out of things to do.

With more than 100 million players, nobody can deny it: Grand Theft Auto V is perhaps the most successful Rockstar game ever. And with good reason: the developer brings Los Santos, based on Los Angeles and nearby areas, to life in spectacular fashion. Explore the gigantic metropolis and its surrounding villages, deserts and forests and become a master criminal. The exciting story follows three different characters, all of whom you control: the businessman Michael de Santa, the tough Franklin Clinton and the completely insane Trevor Philips. At any moment you can switch between these gentlemen, rob banks, steal cars and do everything what is forbidden by law. In the included GTA Online you can build your own criminal empire with countless other players. With Grand Theft Auto V you never get bored! 

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The fifth instalment in the popular third person shooter series impresses with its beautiful graphics and precise gameplay. The Swarm has defeated the Coalition robots and is on its way to the human cities on the planet Sera. Lead character Kait Diaz is not only trying to protect humanity, but is also struggling with her heritage, which means she has more in common with the enemy than she thought. Once you’ve completed the spectacular campaign – on your own or in a group of three – you can take on the extensive multiplayer. This includes the new Escape Mode, where you must work with other players to defuse a bomb and escape the Hive. Is Gears 5 your first game in the series? Don’t worry, Boot Camp mode will teach you the ropes!

Shooter fans will be delighted by the hugely popular Overwatch. This action game from Blizzard is packed with challenging modes, varied levels and, of course, a wide variety of heroes to choose from. Each character has his or her own unique characteristics, so you have to play extensively to find your absolute favourite. Are you an attacker, a defender, a tank who takes on attack after attack or a supporter of your team? Thanks to the developer’s excellent support, Overwatch has been around for years, and the most important content from the upcoming second part will soon be playable via this original!