xbox one console

One of the best gaming consoles is the Xbox One and many would agree that with the gaming experience cues massive potential to own some of the most trending accessories. Our experts took to the internet in search of some of the biggest Xbox One accessories and we have created the ultimate gaming guide of 2019 and invite you to tour the gadgets every gamer is coveting this year. Check out the top rated Xbox One Accessories below. 

Seagate Game Drive 2TB

Every gamer needs a removable drive with great storage and nothing on the market currently beats the Seagate Game Drive which is 2 terabytes of storage. The external drive is portable allowing you to travel with all your gaming progress and is currently the only XHD on the market. The drive uses 3.0 USB technology which allows for speedier connectivity. To put the storage device into perspective, users are able to store up to 50 Xbox One games here. 

PDP Talon Media Remote Control 

You may not be able to control your odds at NetBet, but just as the site is fun and innovative, so is the PDP Talon Media Remote used for Xbox One. Licensed by Microsoft, the remote has the ability to control streaming, Blu-ray, TV and media apps. It has been designed to simplify the user’s experience and is ideal for those who stream movies. 

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Everything is better wireless. Gone are the days where cables took up space or got twined up and enter an era where wireless is life. The sleek design of this controller adds to its appeal alongside the multiple functionalities of the controller. 

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Xbox One Play and Charge Kit 

As with cables, the need for batteries is eliminated with this play and charge kit designed specifically for Xbox users. The device delivers up to 30 hours of game time and also allows players to play while on charge. Time up to full charge is 4 hours. 

Gunnar Optiks Intercept Computing Glasses 

This is the ideal gadget for players in tournaments or planned long nights ahead. Sensitive eyes ay cause lack of sleep and may eventually result in problems later one. Prevent all of this by investing in Gunnar Optiks, a pair of specs which block out the blue light of the screen about 65%, blocks 100% of UV light and is both lightweight and durable. 

Console Skin 

If you are a gadget gamer and enjoy a different looking console every so often, you might be interested in this console skin which has been designed to fit like a glove, cover and protect all the while looking mighty fine. 

Being one of the biggest gaming console brands, players can expect regular new gadget releases which have been designed to create a more convenient gaming experience. And while there are a number of great essentials, there are also just some pretty gadgets designed to enhance and personalize the look and feel of your console.