The Big Con GRIFT OF THE YEAR EDITION New Quests Preview

It hasn’t really been that long since we found The Big Con rocking up on Xbox and PC. But it certainly provided the goods in terms of a fun comic adventure that was full of interest. Now though comes The Big Con: GRIFT OF THE YEAR EDITION – serving up more cons, more comedy, more ’90s throwbacks, and some all-new Rad Ghost arcade action

Arriving as a free (yes, free!) download on PC and Xbox today, as well as launching on Nintendo Switch, the indie developer Mighty Yell, along with publisher Skybound Games, is delivering the all-new GRIFT OF THE YEAR EDITION of the critically acclaimed ‘90s teenage crime adventure. If you thought you were done with The Big Con, think again as this adds a minimum of two hours of all-new content, that Rad Ghost arcade game, additional comedic characters, and new collectables.

The Big Con is a classic coming-of-age story, mixed with nostalgic humor and some wayward 1990’s style as The Big Con stars Ali, a teenager turned con artist who is found trying to save her mom’s video store from going under, pushing away those unscrupulous loan sharks any way she can.

A fun adventure which we absolutely adored – our full review talks of some seriously strong dialogue, a great art style and proper old nostalgia – in The Big Con you will find extra crafty puzzles, witty dialogue, cool collectables, and wacky quests. It’s all about making the cash however you see fit – pickpockets, pick locks, persuade marks, pilfer prizes, pull off disguises, and even master the all-new Rad Skater arcade game.

You’ll find the GRIFT OF THE YEAR EDITION content rolling out to The Big Con on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC today. It’ll also be dropping into the Nintendo eShop for Switch play too.

If you want to know even more, check out our exclusive interview with the Mighty Yell team who were behind it.

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