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If you were to roll back the months, a year ago you’d not have found a Harvest Moon title present and correct on Microsoft’s Xbox eco-system. But all that changed when Natsume released Harvest Moon: Mad Dash and then Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition into the fold. Now though they are back once more, pushing out the biggest Harvest Moon title yet – Harvest Moon: One World. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, following on from launch on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC through Steam, Harvest moon: One World takes what fans of the franchise will know and love, before opening up the adventures like never before. 

Priced at £49.99, Open World does as the name suggests, allowing you the chance to hit the beach, traverse the desert and even climb a volcano, all as you look to hunt down the Harvest Goddess. You see, without the power that the Goddess brings, the fruit and veg of the Harvest Moon world will just wither and die. And that’s of no use to anyone. 

Harvest Moon: Open World opens things up for you like never before. You’ll get to play as a boy or a girl, will give the chance to woo NPCs how you see fit, and will be found navigating your way through a whole host of lands. In fact, there are some 5 unique and colourful areas to take in, in all. 

Of course, as you go, you’ll need to keep a beady little eye on your animals and crops too, hoping that you are able to keep on top of them and produce the finest farmed goods known to man. 

With Light of Hope Special Edition being the best place to start your Harvest Moon adventures on Xbox, and Mad Dash bringing forth some quick fire hits, we reckon there’s more than enough room for Open World in our lives. Stay tuned for a full review of how Harvest Moon: Open World plays out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in the days ahead. 

If you wish to pick up the game for yourself, the Xbox Store will cover your needs. There’s also a $64.99 One World Bundle present too, bringing together the base game with the Interior Design & Tool, Far East Adventure Pack, Precious Pets Pack and Mythical Wild Animals Pack. Each of those add-ons can be purchased individually too. 

You will however need to be residing in the US as it seems region locked for the time being. We’ll let you know once Harvest Moon: Open World is available on Xbox in the UK.

Game Description:

A Harvest Moon with Global Appeal! Trek across beaches, the desert, and even a volcano in the latest entry into the long-running Harvest Moon series! The Harvest Goddess has gone missing, and it’s up to you to help bring her back! Along the way, you’ll come across cows, sheep, camels, and even reindeer! Dig in, because in this game, the world is literally your oyster! Before the Harvest Goddess disappeared from this world, she imbued the tiny Harvest Wisps with the knowledge of various seeds, thus ensuring the various fruits and vegetables of the world would not be lost. Using the power given to these Harvest Wisps, you’ll unlock various seeds as you progress through the game! But the Harvest Wisps can be tricky to find, as they all appear at different times and places. You’ll need to use your noggin to make sure to seek as many as you can of them out!

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