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The source of inspiration is a game of the very highest quality, and if Wizodd can be even half the game that The Binding of Isaac is, it’ll be greatly received. Only time will tell if it has enough about it to succeed where Isaac delivered, but now that it is available on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, a host of gamers will at least be able to decide for themselves. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Wizodd is an odd little roguelike dungeon crawler that has come about via the JanduSoft and Gagonfe teams. 
It’s priced at £4.19 and that low cash outlay is probably going to be easy enough for many to handle; in fact, it’s that asking price which will probably make many take a bit of a punt. 

But it’s the inspiration behind Wizodd that may also see many flock as any game that attempts to do what The Binding of Isaac does, is probably worth a little look. Going by the screens and videos alone, there’s a chance it could prevail. 

Anyways, Wizodd is, at heart, a dungeon crawler that has been infused with roguelike elements allowing gamers to explore its world, scavenge for equipment and infuse themselves with upgrades galore. Battle monsters is obviously par for the course here too, it’s just this one somehow manages to do that without shedding any blood. 

It does drop a ton more magic into proceedings though and so as you grow, and as you make your way past the obstacles at hand, Wizodd should well begin to come into its own. 

If you wish to find out how this plays, get yourself over to the digital store of your choosing – the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store and the Nintendo eShop will all sort you out. 

Game Description:

Wizodd is a dungeon crawler roguelike game where you find various equipment and upgrades while encountering dangerous monsters and bosses to advance down to the lower floors. Inspired by The Binding of Isaac but without blood and more magic. This game is easy to play and simple to get the mechanics, all you do is find monsters and make them explode in different ways, and as you improve on Wizodd, you get to be stronger, dodge the various traps and clear levels more quickly.

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