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If there’s one genre that is sure to stoke up a debate amongst gamers, it’s that of the visual novel. However, should you side with what they deliver and are happy to immerse yourself into some deep tales, you’ll find a host of opportunities out there. The latest is that of Bai Qu: Hundreds of Melodies as it launches on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (with full next-gen optimisation included), PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, Bai Qu: Hundreds of Melodies is the latest to drop in via the Ratalaika Games team – and that means a decently cheap price, a fairly immersive tale and, no doubt, some easy to grab Xbox achievements.

Bai Qu: Hundreds of Melodies is priced at £9.99, created by the Magenta Factory team before seeing Ratalaika help push it to console. it tells the tale of a young college student, Wei Qiuwu, who upon visiting her ill father stumbled upon a girl in a concertina. 

These two become good friends and when a nurse and high school student both roll into their lives too, a whole new adventure blossoms. At least it does until a cruel truth is discovered…

So what should you expect from Bai Qu: Hundreds of Melodies now that it has released on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch? Well, there’s the promise of an 8-12 hour story for starters, along with multiple routes and endings to discover. Much like many visual novels though, there is no right or wrong ending, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to consider the choices you make throughout. Throw in some tasty visuals, wonderful backing tunes and more, and if you’re happy to kickback with a visual novel, Bai Qu: Hundreds of Melodies is probably worth taking in. 

The key features include:

  • * A storyline of 8 to 12 hours,
  • * Multiple routes and endings.
  • * There is no absolute “right/wrong choice”, different endings contain different meanings.
  • * Delicate and realistic background pictures, field recorded ambient sound.
  • * Over 20 wonderful background music tracks, which include varieties of music genres.
  • * An extraordinary story, themed with love and caring in an ordinary slice of daily life.

Our full review of Bai Qu: Hundreds of Melodies on Xbox Series X|S will be along in the days ahead to confirm whether this is a must-player or not. 

Before that arrives though you can grab Bai Qu: Hundreds of Melodies from the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s also available from the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5, or the Nintendo eShop for Switch. 

Game Description:

While visiting his sick father, college student Wei Qiuwu accidentally encountered a girl playing a concertina. Though unlikely at first, Wei Qiuwu becomes a good friend of Li Jiayun, the musician. Both of them act as an indispensable tune in each other’s life. Until one day someone unveils to Wei Qiuwu the cruel truth hidden under a fairy-tale cover…

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