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The Bouncy Castle Course available in Golf With Your Friends


After a surprise day one release into Xbox Game Pass and title updates bringing new golf courses, minigolf fanatics have been treated well by Golf With Your Friends. And there is still new content coming out, with three premium DLC packs arriving today.

I would argue it is time we gave back to the developers Blacklight Software with these new additions. The Summer Party and Racing cosmetic packs are out now, along with the brand-new course Bouncy Castle for Golf With Your Friends on Xbox, PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Arguably, a bouncy castle isn’t the best location for an 18-hole golf course. Mind you, neither is a museum, haunted house, volcano, space station or pyramids, and yet, they’ve all been done in Golf With Your Friends, so who are we to judge? This new course brings inflatable obstacles, spinning platforms and various other things to help or hinder your progress. Knowing how tricky some of these courses can get, we should expect some rage quitting on this course. Just as long as there isn’t another hole involving 18000 spinning platforms on a space station. You know which one I mean.

But if you have a regular crew of golfers, you play this game with, here is the best news: only the host of the lobby needs to own the DLC for everyone to enjoy it!

And let’s not forget the two new cosmetic packs also arriving. Named Summer Party and Racing, these will both include new hats, floaties, stickers and trails. Even the Bouncy Castle DLC will include some new cosmetics, though whether they will be good enough for me to remove my dunce hat on my ball remains to be seen.

There are three options to choose from on the Xbox Store. Firstly, there is the Bouncy Castle Course DLC, priced at £2.49. Then you have either the Summer Party cosmetics, or the Racing one. These will cost you £1.69 each. And stay tuned for our thoughts on the Bouncy Castle course coming soon.

Bouncy Castle Course DLC Description:

Master the colourful hazards of the new Bouncy Castle Course Pack. This pack features the challenging 18 hole Bouncy Castle Course as well as the following cosmetic items for you to customize your ball: Tied Balloon Floatie Inflatable Sticker Hard Candy Sticker Balloons Trail

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