midnight fight express

Are you ready to take on the role of Babyface, going toe-to-toe with the criminal underworld you thought you’d left behind, drawn back into the dark life by a mysterious AI drone? You are? Great, because that’s exactly how Midnight Fight Express plays out. 

Available to purchase, download and play today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC, Midnight Fight Express from Humble Games and Jacob Dzwinel is a brawler of the highest quality. At least, we think it’s a brawler of the highest quality; with the Humble name next to it and a visual style to die for, we reckon it’s pretty on the money. 

It’s priced at £15.74 and throws you into the shoes of Babyface; an ex-gangster who thought they’d left the criminal lifestyle behind. But up rocks an AI drone, dragging you back in to the dark as you go about fighting your way across the city, all in hope of stopping a full takeover. 

What plays is a brawling ballet, one that is as brutal as it is beautiful, with Midnight Fight Express giving you the tools to go about harnessing the power of the street fight. Techniques and tools will be at your disposal, all as you tangle with the style of a blockbusting action movie. 

Working a variety of moves, utilising a killer arsenal, customising like you’re in Saints Row and building the adrenaline rush is what Midnight Fight Express is all about. And even when you think you’ve found success, it’s a game that will continue to drag you in with new challenge and rewards. 

The key features of Midnight Fight Express include:

  • Blockbuster Combat – Tangle with waves of foes with the finesse of an action-movie master. Punch, dodge, counter, and finish off enemies in fluid and visceral combat featuring mo-cap animation by motion artist and stunt performer Eric Jacobus. Custom difficulty modes allow any player to direct the action to their preference.
  • Martial Mastery – Level up, power up, and tap into a sprawling skill tree to unleash a dizzying array of devastating fighting moves. Develop your own signature style, and master over-the-top combos that leave the criminals wondering what hit ’em.
  • Killer Arsenal – Complement your melee moves with knives, axes, and sledgehammers. Wield a wild array of pistol fire, shotgun blasts, and explosives. Weaponize everything from furniture to toilet plungers. Take advantage of the urban world around you to score increasingly outrageous takedowns and clean up the streets.
  • Street Warrior’s Wardrobe – Customize your character’s appearance, and unlock a huge variety of cosmetic options ranging from the ultra-suave to the mega-outlandish. Unlock more 150+ pieces of clothing, equip skins for you and your AI ally Droney, and make a lasting impression as you fight to save the streets.
  • Audio Adrenaline – Rush Battle across the city’s 41 hand-crafted levels to the beat of a pulsing, infectious soundtrack by artist Noisecream, and channel the nonstop midnight energy of the metropolis.
  • The Fight Never Stops – Return to missions to complete challenges, unlock rewards, and show everyone who owns the streets on the leaderboard. Create your own director’s cut of the action with settings that let you customize enemy types, weapons, and more.

Stay tuned for our full review of Midnight Fight Express on Xbox Series X|S soon. For now, you can grab the game from the Xbox Store for Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, from the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5 or on PC. It’s on Game Pass too.

Will you be the hero the city deserves?

Game Description:

An unexpected hero emerges on the city’s darkest night. You’re Babyface, a former member of the criminal underworld lured back into “the life” by a mysterious AI drone. Your mission against impossible odds: Fight your way across the city before sunrise, and prevent a citywide criminal takeover together. Engage in a brutal and hyper-kinetic brawling ballet, using every environmental tool and street fighting technique at your disposal. Level up your abilities to take down the mounting onslaught of bozos, cronies, and crime lords.

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