Do you play games for the experience? The chance to relax, perhaps? Or do you just play games for the sweet, sweet Gamerscore that the Xbox ecosystem allows? If it’s the latter which is your bag, Zoffice is going to be for you. 

Zoffice comes from the same Ikon Studios team as that of Peepaw’s Farm – a super short affair in which players could earn 1000 Gamerscore in less than five minutes. For some, that would be the ultimate game, yet for others, those who want to kick back with a controller and go deep, it would be instantly dimissed. Zoffice though is the same – albeit funnier and better. But you’ll still be able to hear the ping of the achievements system as soon as you sit down with it.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, for a mere £4.19, Zoffice comes with the same artstyle as Peepaw’s, with a fairly decent presentation to match. It’s funny too as you join the goings-on of an office, meeting characters and attempting to whisk the day by. 

Your tasks will see you attempting to complete certain objectives, with many of these linked directly to the ping of an achievement when success is found. For instance, you’ll be found checking out the portaloo, or relocating a toy flamingo. There’s nothing tricky in what Zoffice delivers, but that’s not the point. 

You see, the point here is that you’re playing Zoffice for the achievements and that will totally dictate how you and this game gathers a relationship. As our full review of Zoffice on Xbox states “Zoffice is one of those games that needs a warning on the packet. “Extremely short, mostly fun game inside.”. If you can handle that, fill your boots with a download. Just don’t expect it to last you the night. 

You’ll find a download of Zoffice present and correct from the Xbox Store, with the game playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Game Description:

Hey! Thanks so much for applying to work with us at Zoffice! I’m Paige and I can’t wait to show you around! First off, everyone here’s great. We have Nick up front with security, our tech wiz Jessica, ME, and Theo who’s . . . having a hard time adjusting. Why don’t you swing on by today, it’s gonna be a pretty big one for me and my team! Oh, and watch out for the zombies on your way in… BITE-SIZED Enjoy the 15-minute story when it fits your day. HARD MODE Finishing the story is easy – Prove you’re a mastermind by completing all challenges in ONE playthrough.

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