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Fancy yourself as a sharpshooting Hunter? Feel that you need to take Hunt: Showdown to all new levels? With the Cold Blooded DLC for the game you’ll be doing just that. 

Available as the latest expansion for Hunt: Showdown, Cold Blooded brings forth a new Hunter and a couple of new pieces of weaponry, ensuring that any players who decide to drop into the Bayou are well catered for. 

It’s priced at £6.69 and follows on from previous DLC packs for the game, like those of The Kid and Beast Hunter, to ensure that the stale whiff of boredom never approaches. 

Cold Blooded looks to be a pretty decent addition in fact, as it adds in The Reptilian as a new Hunter, with him coming complete with the one-handed power of Avarice, and the full destruction found in Tooth to Tail. We all know that weaponry is highly important in Hunt: Showdown, so going equipped with your finest options should really be the best course of action. 

Full details of how Hunt: Showdown’s Reptilian came about are below, but if you have a copy of the base game and are looking for something slightly different to the norm, we’d advise you give this some serious consideration. You can pick it up from the Xbox Store.

Let us know what you think though. The comments are below. 

Hunt: Showdown is playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PC. 

DLC Description:

The Bayou teemed with alligators once, their skins plentiful bounty for hunters like Keith Cowen. Apprenticed to the cruel and ambitious alligator hunter Frank Gravel, Cowen earned his keep on the flesh and hide of that primordial prey. Together the two men relished their prosperity, leaving mountains of scale and bone in their wake. But that was before the corruption. That was before something far more threatening, and far more primeval, drove most of the gators away from the swamps, and left Gravel and Cowen high and dry. As the alligators began to disappear, desperation took hold. Broke and without prospects, they eventually tracked down an alligator – one of the few that dared remain. As Gravel punched Tooth to Tail through scale, fat, and flesh, a mist of greed shrouded Cowen’s mind. He plunged Avarice’s blade into Gravel’s throat and watched him bleed out across the gator’s carcass. As their blood seeped into the mud, Cowen donned the beast’s skin: a mantel of victory and betrayal. A perfect match for the American Hunter’s Association, the Bayou’s monstrous inhabitants now feed Cowen’s cold-blooded murderlust.

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