fortnite corrupted legends pack

The Street Serpents have ruled the land and the Samurai Scrappers have fought for all they are worth. Today though it’s all about the Corrupted Legends as new DLC arrives in Fortnite. 

Available to purchase, download and add into your Fortnite experience is the latest DLC pack for the smash-hit game. The Corrupted Legends DLC is the pack in question and it lets you dial home exactly how corrupted you are, letting you with with a slider that will have your opponents quaking. 

Priced at £12.99, the Fortnite – Corrupted Legends Pack is not just your usual throwaway piece of content either, with no less than six different items included in the bundle. This means you’ll get the chance to work with new outfits and extra Back Blings like it is going out of fashion. 

Included in the Fortnite – Corrupted Legends Pack are multiple Corrupted items, with the Arachne Outfit, Insight Outfit and Shogun Outfit just the start of matters. These are well complemented by the Long Legs Back Bling, the Sight Sling Back Bling and the Bladed Wings Back Bling. 

If you wish to see yourself flying around the Fortnite landscape with any of these items attached then get over to your usual digital store and drop the cash on a purchase. The Xbox Store is the best port of call for Xbox One players, but those happy to frequent other formats should be similarly provided. Of course, you’ll need the base game of Fortnite available to roll out on your console of choice, but we’re pretty certain that if you’re reading this piece, you’re going to be fully invested in what the game delivers.

DLC Description:

What is your chaotic alignment? How will you balance the scales? This pack’s cosmetics come with a slider that allows you to tune how corrupted your outfit is!

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