There have been a whole host of downloadable content additions for Dead By Daylight since its first release, but now it’s time for the curtain to really come down on things.

The Dead By Daylight Curtain Call Chapter is available for purchase right now, bringing with it a new tale for all fans to enjoy. Priced at £6.39, it brings a new Killer (the clown), a new Survivor (Kate Denson) and a new map (Father Campbell’s Chapel). Three things that Dead By Daylight players will find hugely appealing.

You can find the full description of this add-on down below, but basically put, if you like clowns you’ll love this extra chapter. If you are one of those suffering from coulrophobia and the fear that the smiley guys brings, then well, you’re in for a world of hate.

Obviously you’ll need the base Dead By Daylight game in place prior to checking out the Curtain Call Chapter, but should you be sorted for that then the next port of call should be the Xbox Store. Go and pay it a visit – if you dare!

DLC Description:

The CURTAIN CALL Chapter is a Chapter for Dead by Daylight. People often speak of the tears of a clown, of the sadness that lies beneath the greasepaint smile. What if that wasn’t sadness, but a deep malevolence, born of a life spent in the pursuit of drink and gluttony? A mind that sees others only as vessels for torture, and reduces their bodies down to a single finger, a trophy to be added to a collection? For something like that to survive, it would have to wear a disguise, cloak itself in a brighter aspect and a broad smile, even if it were just painted on. Kate Denson’s smile is genuine, friendly and warm. She sings of love and life, family and hope. She holds those values dear, and will fight anyone who tries to destroy them.

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